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Webber is a two-player drawing puzzle game. In the first phase of the game, the players generate a web out of nodes and connections. They then play on the web, moving from node to node, removing connections as they go. The goal of the game is to move to a space that prevents the opponent from making a move on their turn.

Install instructions

Overview: The game was developed for the Arduboy handheld system, but the system can be emulated online.


1. Download the Webber.ino file

2. Open Webber.ino in any text editor

3. Go to https://felipemanga.github.io/ProjectABE/?url=new

4. Name project "Webber"

5. Copy the "Webber.ino" file text from you text editor to the "Webber.ino" file on the website.

6. Build using the "Build" button

7. At this point the game should be running and to put the game in full screen just refresh the page.

*The "Arrow Keys" represent the D-PAD and the "A" and "S"  keys represent the Left and Right Red Buttons respectively.


Webber.ino 20 kB
Webber.ino.leonardo.hex 45 kB
Webber.ino.with_bootloader.leonardo.hex 54 kB

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